Hamer has big plans after National Golden Gloves
by Steve Vedder | The Grand Rapids Press
Saturday May 10, 2008, 2:00 AM
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Hamer defeated Detroit's Walter Burns in the semifinals Friday.
GRAND RAPIDS -- If this is one of the five lives that Tor Hamer is expecting, he's making
the most of it. Though it's adamantly disputed by Hamer, who will box in tonight's super
heavyweight finals of the National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions at DeVos
Place, he is not your typical athlete. Or at least how many perceive athletes. Make no
mistake, the native of Geneva, N.Y., loves boxing and is extremely talented in the sport.
He's had minimal difficulty in winning all four of his Golden Gloves bouts this week,
including Friday's semifinal decision over Detroit's Walter Burns. While Hamer won't
speculate on his future inside the ring, there's little doubt the potential for an outstanding
career in the sport is there. But that boxing potential only seems to scratch the surface of
Hamer, who calls himself part of the "New Millennium Generation." He said it's expected that
members of this generation will change jobs at least five times in their lives. Traits of
members of this generation include seeking new challenges while never being satisfied with
the status quo. As for Hamer, he's on job No. 1: boxing. "That means I have four lives after
boxing," he said. What to do with those lives? If there's one thing that you absorb from
talking to Hamer, a 25-year-old Penn State graduate, it's that he has no intention of wasting
those lives. Among his interests are opening a gymnasium franchise, going into event
production and investing in green technology. And, oh yeah, he plans on earning two more
college degrees, including one in sports management. And don't forget becoming a
successful entrepreneur. Hamer, who began boxing in 1994, may not know exactly where
he's going to wind up professionally, but he's got a plan. And the desire to carry it out.
"There's always opportunity," he said. "From human resources to technology to public policy
and new industry. "You just follow the American program." As for boxing, Hamer is intent on
winning his first Golden Gloves national title. He carefully watched Ryan O'Neal of the
Michigan club and California's Andrae Cathron in the other semifinal, with Cathron
eventually winning. Hamer won't speculate on his odds of winning a title, but the consensus
is that he's a heavy favorite. While he's confident, Hamer absolutely won't speculate on
what it would be like to win a championship. That he'll happily leave to others. "Ask me
tomorrow," he said.