GRAND RAPIDS -- Without Floyd Mayweather, Michigan Golden Gloves might be in
the red. The non-profit amateur boxing group fell shy of projected ticket sales, but
exceeded sponsorship projections, for last week's National Golden Gloves
Tournament of Champions. "It would have been close," as to whether the group
would have broken even without Mayweather's $140,000 donation to cover its
tournament budget, said Dave Packer, executive director of Michigan Golden
Gloves Ticket sales through the box office grossed $64,587, on 5,702 distributed,
Packer said, citing ticket reports provided by host venue DeVos Place. Michigan
Golden Gloves originally projected $75,875 in ticket sales. Of tickets distributed,
2,643 were listed as complimentary, though about half of those, 1,356, were
purchased in sponsorship packages, both by major sponsors and individuals whose
six-night packages cost less than the same tickets purchased separately. The
organization raised $51,750 through sponsorships, Packer said, not including
Mayweather's donation. The original sponsorship projection was $45,000. Packer
said Michigan Golden Gloves also might have exceeded projected receipts in other
areas, such as garment and novelty sales, which grossed more than $9,000, and
program receipts. The group originally estimated total costs of $141,875, though it
will be several weeks before actual receipts and expenditures are finalized, Packer
Sponsorships up for National Golden Gloves
by The Grand Rapids Press
Sunday May 18, 2008, 12:15 AM
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